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Exide 7A is the perfect charger for those of you who want a charger for all your vehicles. The charger corresponds to those who require a fast and powerful charge and is a cost-effective charger for all batteries up to 150Ah.
The charger's various unique programs allow it to charge AGM, Gel or normal wet batteries quickly and efficiently. With its different charging programs together with the temperature compensator, Exide 12/7 always charges your batteries to 100%.
In cold temperatures it compensates for the battery's reluctance to accept charging and in warm temperatures it spares the battery during charging. In Power Supply mode, the charger can also be used for constant power supply or maintenance charging.
The charger is spark-proof and protected against incorrect assembly and possible battery failure. Should the battery break during charging or not be charged in the time that the charger needs using the setting you have made, the charger will alarm and not continue charging.

Technical specifications

* Voltage in 220-240VAC +/-10%
* Power input max 1.5A
* Reverse current <> 1 mA
* Charging voltage 13.7-15.5V
* Charging current max. 7.0A
* Ripple voltage Max. 70mV
* Ambient temperature -40...+50*C
* Cooling convection
* Type of charging 5 steps IUIU + pulsation Alt: 13.7 V (Maintenance charge)
* Type of battery AGM, GEL, Standard battery
* Battery capacity 1-150Ah (Max.180Ah)
* Battery cable 1700mm. Power cord 1800mm
* Dimensions lxwxh= 225x50x50
* IP54
* Weight 0.5kg

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