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BTB Coaxial Connector Contact for Galaxy models

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Compatible with

Galaxy A12 (A127F - A12 Nacho,A125F - A12), 
Galaxy A13 (A137F,A135F), Galaxy A13 5G (A136U,A136B), Galaxy A22 (A225F), 
Galaxy A23 4G (A235F), Galaxy A23 5G (A236B), Galaxy A3 (A300F), 
Galaxy A3 (2016) (A310F), Galaxy A3 2017 (A320F), Galaxy A30s (A307F), 
Galaxy A31 (A315F), Galaxy A32 5G (A326B), Galaxy A33 5G (A336B), 
Galaxy A41 (A415F), Galaxy A42 5G (A426B), Galaxy A5 (A500F), 
Galaxy A5 (2016) (A510F), Galaxy A5 2017 (A520F), Galaxy A51 (A515F), 
Galaxy A51 5G (A516B), Galaxy A52s 5G (A528B), Galaxy A6 (2018) (A600F), 
Galaxy A6+ (2018) (A605F), Galaxy A7 (A700F), Galaxy A70 (A705F), Galaxy A71 (A715F), 
Galaxy A8 (2018) (A530F), Galaxy ACE 4 (G357F), Galaxy Ace Style (G310HN), 
Galaxy Alpha (G850F), Galaxy Core II (G355H), Galaxy Core plus (G3500), 
Galaxy Core Prime / Galaxy Core Prime VE (G360F / G361F), Galaxy Grand Prime (G530,G531F), Galaxy J1 (J100H), 
Galaxy J1 (2016) (J120F), Galaxy J3 (2016) (J320F), Galaxy J4+ (J415F), 
Galaxy J5 (J500F), Galaxy J5 (2016) (J510F), Galaxy J5 2017 Duos (J530F), 
Galaxy J6 (2018) (J600F), Galaxy J6+ (J610F), Galaxy J7 2016 (J710F), 
Galaxy J7 2017 (J730F), Galaxy M12 (M127F), Galaxy M22 (M225F), 
Galaxy M23 5G (M236B), Galaxy M31s (M317F), Galaxy M32 (M325F), 
Galaxy M33 5G (M336B), Galaxy M51 (M515F), Galaxy M52 5G (M526B), 
Galaxy M53 5G (M536B), Galaxy Mega 6.3 (I9200 / I9205), Galaxy Note 3 (N9005), 
Galaxy Note 3 Neo (N7505), Galaxy Note 4 (N910F), Galaxy Note 9 (N960F), 
Galaxy Note Edge (N915F), Galaxy S10 (G973F), Galaxy S10 5G (G977B), 
Galaxy S10+ (G975F), Galaxy S10e (G970F), Galaxy S20 Ultra (G988B), 
Galaxy S20+ (G986B,G985F), Galaxy S21 (G991B), Galaxy S21 FE (G990B), 
Galaxy S21 Ultra (G998B), Galaxy S21+ (G996B), Galaxy S4 mini (I9190), 
Galaxy S5 (G900F), Galaxy S5 mini (G800F), Galaxy S5 Neo (G903F), 
Galaxy S6 (G920F), Galaxy S6 Edge (G925F), Galaxy S6 Edge+ (G928F), 
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) (T580, T585), Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018) (T590, T595), 
Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (T550), Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Tablet LTE (T555), 
Galaxy Tab Active 3 (T570, T575), Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro 5G (T636,T630), 
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (T320, T325), Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (T810, T815), 
Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (2016) (T813N, T819N), Galaxy Tab S3 (T820, T825), Galaxy Tab S5e (T720, T725), 
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (P610, P615), Galaxy Tab S7 FE (T733N,T736B), 
Galaxy Tab S8 (X700N,X706B), Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (X900N,X906B), 
Galaxy Tab S8+ (X800N,X806B), Galaxy Xcover 3 (G388F), Galaxy Xcover 4 (G390F), 
Galaxy Xcover 4s (G398F), Galaxy Xcover 5 (G525F), Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro (G736B), 
Galaxy Z Flip3 (F711B), Galaxy Z Fold3 (F926B), Grand Prime (G530F), 
I9195 (Galaxy S4 mini), P550 (Galaxy Tab A 9.7), 
S4 mini plus S4 mini value (I9195i)
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EAN / GTIN: 4051805204830