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Charger for Dewalt / Black & Decker 7.2-18V. NI-MH and NI-CD

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This charger fits all Dewalt NI-MH and NI-CD batteries (7.2 - 18V).

The charger has built-in short-circuit protection, overheating protection and diagnostics of damaged batteries.

The charger also has two USB ports that can be used for mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras and external batteries, etc.

Fits these models:

Black & Decker A9251
Black & Decker A9252
Black & Decker A9262
Black & Decker A9267
Black & Decker A9274
Black & Decker A9275
Black & Decker A9276
Black & Decker A9282
Black & Decker A9527
Black & Decker FSB96
Black & Decker PS120
Black & Decker PS120A
Black & Decker PS130
Black & Decker PS130A
Black & Decker PS140
Black & Decker PS140A
Black & Decker PS145

Firestorm PS120
Firestorm PS130

Dewalt 152250-27
Dewalt 397745-01
Dewalt 652345-01
Dewalt DC9071
Dewalt DC9091
Dewalt DC9094
Dewalt DC9096
Dewalt DE9031
Dewalt DE9036
Dewalt DE9037
Dewalt DE9038
Dewalt DE9039
Dewalt DE9057
Dewalt DE9061
Dewalt DE9062
Dewalt DE9072
Dewalt DE9074
Dewalt DE9075
Dewalt DE9085
Dewalt DE9086
Dewalt DE9091
Dewalt DE9092
Dewalt DE9094
Dewalt DE9095
Dewalt DE9096
Dewalt DE9098
Dewalt DE9274
Dewalt DE9501
Dewalt DE9502
Dewalt DE9503
Dewalt DW9057
Dewalt DW9061
Dewalt DW9062
Dewalt DW9071
Dewalt DW9072
Dewalt DW9091
Dewalt DW9094
Dewalt DW9095
Dewalt DW9096
Dewalt DW9098

Würth 0700900320
Würth 0700900420
Würth 0700900520
Würth 0700905330
Würth 0700905430

Compatible with chargers:

Dewalt DC011
Dewalt DE9116
Dewalt DW9108
Dewalt DW9109
Dewalt DW911
Dewalt DW9116
Dewalt DW9117