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Lenovo AC ADAPTER PD, 65W, 20/15/9/5V, 3P, WW, PART

The power cord is not included.


  • Spare part: Adapter
  • Plug: USB-C
  • Capacity: 65W
  • PIN: 3
  • Security: WW
  • Colour: Black
  • Original: Yes
  • Brand: Lenovo

Compatible with:

X13 Gen 4 (Type 21EX, 21EY) Laptop (ThinkPad)
X13 Yoga Gen 4 (Type 21F2, 21F3) Laptop (ThinkPad)
T14s Gen 4 (Type 21F6, 21F7) Laptop (ThinkPad)
L13 Gen 4 (Type 21FG, 21FH) Laptop (ThinkPad)
L13 Yoga Gen 4 (Type 21FJ, 21FK) Laptop (ThinkPad)
L13 Gen 4 (Type 21FN, 21FQ) Laptop (ThinkPad)
L13 Yoga Gen 4 (Type 21FR, 21FS) Laptop (ThinkPad)
L14 Gen 4 (Type 21H1, 21H2) Laptop (ThinkPad)
L15 Gen 4 (Type 21H3, 21H4) Laptop (ThinkPad)
L14 Gen 4 (Type 21H5, 21H6) Laptops (ThinkPad)
L15 Gen 4 (Type 21H7, 21H8) Laptops (ThinkPad)
T14 Gen 4 (Type 21HD, 21HE) Laptop (ThinkPad)
P14s Gen 4 (Type 21HF, 21HG) Laptop (ThinkPad)
T16 Gen 2 (Type 21HH, 21HJ) Laptop (ThinkPad)
P16s Gen 2 (Type 21HK, 21HL) Laptop (ThinkPad)
X1 Carbon 11th Gen (Type 21HM, 21HN) Laptop (ThinkPad)
X1 Yoga 8th Gen (Type 21HQ, 21HR) Laptop (ThinkPad)
X1 Nano Gen 3 (Type 21K1, 21K2) Laptop (ThinkPad)