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Remote Control & Receiver - Black

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Practical garage remote control / code copier and wireless receiver for those who want to be able to control your electronics with a single push of a button. This remote control is ideal for garage doors, electronic gates, car locks and other electronic locking systems.

Electrical installation required.

How to use
1. Add extra remotes by pressing the learning button inside the receiver, then pressing a button on the remote. In 20s the receiver light will switch off when the remote is recognized.
2. The control type can be changed inside the receiver by moving the jumper to pin 1 & 2 (toggle), only 1 pin (momentary) or pins 2 & 3 (latch).
3. Latch type: Press one button on the remote, the switch is on till you press the other button to turn off.
4. Toggle type: Press one button, the switch is on until you press it again. Just like the power key of TV remote control: when you press it, TV on, press again, TV off.
5. Momentary type: Press one button, the relay is on until you release it. Just like the button of Klaxon, if you press it, klaxon on, and will turn off once you release it.

Please notice that
1. These units can be used for starting and stopping, or the connection and break of devices and electrical machinery. The product could also achieve the requirements of various kinds of special control procedures.
2. Each device connected will need to be powered by its own power source (there is no voltage output from the switch, it only acts as a connecter/dis-connecter for an existing live circuit).
3. If using a 24V device, it can be wired in parallel with the switch power supply.