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Complete Kit for Battery Change on iPhone 6S Plus

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SiGN Battery replacement kit for iPhone 6S Plus, 2750mAh

Extend the life of your iPhone with this complete battery replacement kit. With SiGN battery kits, anyone can change the battery on their iPhone in just 15-30 minutes. By assembling all the necessary spare parts and tools together with simple instructions we’ve made it easy for you to replace the battery at a low cost.

4 Necessary components for a successful battery replacement


This replacement battery is third-party manufactured and delivers the same capacity as an original Apple battery. All SiGN batteries are equipped with overcharge and short circuit protection, which means that you can feel safe when replacing your mobile power source, without risk of damaging your device.

Battery Tape

Self-adhesive battery tape is necessary when replacing the battery as it ensures that the battery is securely fixed inside the mobile phone. This spare part is usually purchased separately, but of course it is included in our complete battery kit.


Changing the battery doesn't have to be rocket science. By looking at the guide included in the package, we show you, step by step, how to replace the battery. It couldn’t be easier!


Complete list of tools included in the Battery kit.  Note that the tools can be used for other repairs in the future.

  1. Plectrum: Small opening tool needed to open the phone and its internal parts.
  2. Suction cup: Facilitates opening your iPhone and removing screen / glass.
  3. Philips (# 000) Chisel: Used for internal screws for both newer and older iPhone models
  4. Tri-Point (Y000) screwdriver: Used for internal screws, for newer iPhones only.
  5. Pentalobe (P2) screwdriver: Used to loosen the bottom screws at the Lightning connector.
  6. Bend Tool: Used to bend open your iPhone Screen
  7. Tweezer:  Used when handling smaller components (eg screws and other parts) that are too small for the fingers.

Complete Kit for Battery Change on iPhone 6S Plus


  • Compatible with: iPhone 6S Plus
  • Spare parts: Battery, battery tape and tools
  • Capacity: 2750mAh
  • Voltage: 3.8V
  • Type: Lithium-ion polymer
  • Protection: Overcharge and short-circuit protection
  • Third Party Manufactured: Yes
  • CE certified: Yes
  • Brand: SiGN

The package contains:

  • 1 x Battery iPhone 6S Plus
  • 1 x Adhersive battery tape for iPhone 6S Plus
  • 1 x Tool kit (7 parts)
  • 1 x Instructions
Product type Spare part
Brand SiGN