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SiGN Strong Nano Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Mini

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Product description

SiGN Strong Nano Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Mini

Extremely durable Nano screen protector from SiGN. Our Strong Nano screen protector is made of high-quality and soft plastic film that provides comprehensive and durable protection on the entire screen.

The screen protector consists of a unique composition of materials that protect against all the small mishaps of everyday life. Comes with mounting tools for easy and bubble-free application.

Shockproof and comprehensive protection

Worry less about scratches and cracks. Objects such as knives, coins and keys will just slide along the surface without leaving any marks at all. The screen protection's unique consistency and structure make strains like these an easy match.

Nano screen protectors have distinctive properties that provide higher resistance to scratches and shocks. The screen protector is shock-proof and effectively protects against a cracked screen if your mobile should fly to the ground.

Easy application with tools

The screen protector is very easy to apply with bubble-free installation. The screen protector comes with a mounting tool that helps to smoothly apply the screen protector. The tool also helps to securely put the protection in place.

Compatible with fingerprints

The screen protector works well with the fingerprint sensor. This means that those with a fingerprint lock on their mobile can easily unlock the phone as usual. The screen protector has no effect on either touch or screen resolution.


  • Compatible with: Apple iPhone 12 Mini
  • Material: Plastic film
  • Package includes: Screen Protector & assembly tools
  • Brand: SiGN
Part id: SNSP-NAIP12M




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